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Victorian Water Supplier and Water Storage Manager Audits 2020

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has advised Victorian Water Agencies of the 2019 – 2020 Risk Management Plan audit period. Water businesses are required to complete the audit by 31 May 2020. The auditable period is from 21 March 2018 until the date of the audit. The Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 Risk Management Plan Regulatory Audit - Guidance Information (2017) has not changed and is applicable to this audit period. As yet, DHHS has not scheduled an auditor briefing session and preliminary advice is to forward any queries to DHHS in the meantime. Water agencies are encouraged to be prepared and commence engaging with auditors. Auditors must be approved by DHHS

Too busy mopping the floor to turn off the tap? Maybe the answer is training

Quality management frameworks, be they water quality, environmental, asset management or workplace health and safety are only effective if they are implemented and teams have adequate training in their implementation. Sometimes the cost of training is seen as a barrier to implementing adequate training programs. A better way to look at it is “what is the cost of not having adequate training? low morale and high staff turnover low or loss of productivity unsafe work environments ineffective staff management increased business expenses loss of customers and or credibility potential non-compliance with legal requirements. A lack of training may include non-existent training, inadequate training

Proceed with confidence

No system, however well designed, can perform properly without correct operation. It is essential that water providers allow operators to perform at their best by providing clear and helpful operational procedures. Creation of procedures requires a balance between providing all necessary information and using a format that is practical for easy of use. While detail can be helpful, it can result in procedures rarely being used and thus being redundant. Oftentimes operators are highly experienced with their process and thus unclear procedures do not present as an issue. This can result in the issue only being seen when new operators or procedures are being used. Formats such as checklists allo


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