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  • James Howey

Too busy mopping the floor to turn off the tap? Maybe the answer is training

Quality management frameworks, be they water quality, environmental, asset management or workplace health and safety are only effective if they are implemented and teams have adequate training in their implementation.

Sometimes the cost of training is seen as a barrier to implementing adequate training programs. A better way to look at it is “what is the cost of not having adequate training?

  • low morale and high staff turnover

  • low or loss of productivity

  • unsafe work environments

  • ineffective staff management

  • increased business expenses

  • loss of customers and or credibility

  • potential non-compliance with legal requirements.

A lack of training may include non-existent training, inadequate training or training programs that are unsuitable for the target audience.

Viridis has considerable experience in developing and delivering tailored training programs, to ensure our clients’ teams are engaged, confident and competent.

Our training programs are targeted to the audience, we can deliver them onsite, which makes it more cost effective to train multiple people, and we recognise the valuable input from the ‘trainees’ – we learn a lot at these workshops too!

We can also deliver the training remotely or provide media and input into online services. We have industry partners who are experienced in the development and production of video and app related training.

We can tailor training programs to any need and recent projects have included:

  • onsite laboratory QA/QC – to ensure sampling results are reliable

  • sampling and monitoring

  • risk assessment – water quality and environmental

  • critical control point identification and implementation

  • environmental management systems implementation

  • drinking and recycled water quality management

  • incident and emergencies

  • standard operating procedure implementation

  • mains hygiene

In addition, we offer relief operators to cover staffing shortfalls, and undertake onsite one on one mentoring.

Check out our capabilities on our website or send an email to find out more.

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