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Industrial Engineer

Viridis specialises in the delivery of training for water utilities, but also can apply a similar approach to any industry. We can assist your organisation to undertake a training needs analysis, complete training gap analysis and tailor a training package to suit your needs. The delivery of the training is flexible, including face to face, site-based, online or a hybrid training solution. 

Certificate III Units of Competency

  • National Water Package units of competence

  • Unaccredited delivery

  • Flexible delivery methods

  • Site based training

Tailored Training

  • Site based competency assessment

  • Training gap analysis

  • Training programs

  • Site specific Training

  • Compliance Training​

  • Customised Training

Supporting Programs

  • Process Optimisation

  • Operational Support

  • Development of Operational Procedures

  • Water Quality Monitoring, Data Analysis and Statistics

  • Awareness training (water quality, drinking and recycled water) 

Business Meeting

If you'd like to have Viridis assess your training needs, fill out the form using the link below.

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