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AWA Queensland Branch Committee

I'm really excited to have been nominated for the Australian Water Association Queensland Branch Committee. I can offer the committee practical thinking and problem solving, whilst maintaining a strategic focus. This has been refined over ten years of being the Owner/Director of a water quality consultancy. Also, with 20 years of experience auditing I'm able to assimilate large amounts of information quickly and identify potential issues and root causes. I also have an excellent understanding of the issues that affect water utilities, having worked with large metropolitan utilities right down to the smallest council. As a committee member I think it is important to be able to make informed

Integrated Water Cycle Management and its importance

Suppliers of water services not only have to make sure that water comes out the tap and the toilets flush, they must also consider the social, economic and political aspects that relate to the water cycle. Effective water management is a huge contributor to the health and well-being of the community, the liveability of towns and cities and securing the future prosperity of the region. The water cycle is intrinsically linked with aquatic and urban environments and these must also be considered when planning for effective water management. Integrated water cycle management (IWCM) takes a holistic approach to making the most of every opportunity to drive efficiency, reduce costs and make the mo

A new home for Viridis

The month of May has been a busy time for Viridis as we made the exciting transition to our beautiful new office! After a good six months of hunting for the perfect space, we finally found exactly what we were looking for. With the ink was still drying on the dotted line the real fun started as our Director James and our Office Manager Hanne commenced working closely with the team at Future Fitouts to create a fresh and vibrant new space, filled with beautiful lush greenery to reflect our passion for all things environmental. The entire team are thrilled to have a new space to call home and situated in the Morningside Central Business precinct, only 5 minutes down the road from the Gateway M

Community Awareness and Drinking Water

I was just reading this news piece - Hawke's Bay communities label chlorination 'overreaction'. More than 5,000 people in Havelock North (nearby Hawke's Bay), NZ fell ill after their water supply became contaminated in August 2016. The government inquiry into that outbreak recommended all drinking water should be treated. And now a Hawke's Bay community says the local council's decision to chlorinate their water is an overreaction to the Havelock water crisis! This just got me thinking about how we involve communities in drinking water quality issues and decision making, and should we be more proactive. I know it’s not always an easy thing to do. I’ve worked in a few rural communities in Pac

Viridis at Ozwater 18

Ozwater provides water professionals with a unique experience to share ideas and network. This year it was in Brisbane and Viridis attended in force to support our local event. We had four people attending as delegates and Tasleem and Geraldine also presented. Tasleem presented twice! A poster paper tilted Improving Drinking Water Management in Walcha New South Wales Supported by Regulation and Stress or Joy? Cloncurry, Regional Queensland - Water Supply Challenges and Continual Improvement. Both of these papers looked at the improvements that regional water utilities have achieved through commitment to a risk management plan and having a champion to implement it. Cloncurry Shire Council was


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