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Cyber Security and Water Utilities

There is more and more talk about cyber security and critical infrastructure. Not that long ago SCADA systems were on separate networks to prevent malicious attacks. However, with the changing operating environment, being connected is now essential for innovation and growth. Utilities are adopting technology such portable computing, big data, smart meters and internet of things (IoT) devices, which can offer significant benefits. However, with these benefits and increased levels of accessibility, also comes a vulnerability that can be exploited. Many companies have linked critical SCADA systems to broader external networks through these technologies and many of the older systems do not have

Ensuring Safety in the Operation of Process Plants

Safety is a key concern in the design, operation and maintenance of all process plants. The failure of process plants has produced a number of disasters leading to large loss of life, including the Union Carbide plant at Bhopal and West Fertilizer plant at Waco. While study of large scale disasters produce headlines and industry-wide learnings, small plants and plants not processing hazardous goods may also contain considerable risk. Process plants can affect safety for a diverse group of stakeholders. Technicians maintaining and operating the plant are at the forefront of risk, however the general public and downstream users can also be affected. Often hidden from view are the flow on effec

AWA QLD Gala and Awards Night

‘Oh what a night!’ we had at the Australian Water Associations night of nights when the entire Viridis team fancied up for the 2018 QLD Gala Dinner and Awards Night on Friday 7 September. After counting down the weeks, we all arrived at the Hilton Brisbane’s Grand Ballroom with great excitement to share in a wonderful evening as a team, while we celebrated and paid homage to the many fantastic achievements the Queensland Water Industry has seen over the past year. With the theme of night being ‘Diversity in the Workplace’, it was well fitting for the role of MC to be assigned to non-other, than Doctor Kirstin Ferguson. As a widely recognised and respected advocate, author and campaigner for

Viridis - Semi-Finalists in Small Business Achievement Awards!

Viridis is pleased to announce our nomination and semi-finalist status for the Awards Australia - Small Business Achievement Award! The Queensland Community Achievement Awards, sponsored by Channel 7 News and in partnership with the Commonwealth Bank, aim to recognise, celebrate and bolster the acts and contributions made by businesses, individuals and communities throughout Queensland, who provide so much to benefit our great state. With categories such as ‘Community Hero Award’, ‘Agricultural Innovation Award’ and ‘Community Group of the Year Award’, the team at Viridis feel so very proud and humbled to have been nominated for recognition amongst eight other very worthy businesses in the r


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