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Back to School: Students get an A for water filtration

Geraldine Terada-Bellis, our resident consulting engineer visited a local primary school to speak about the role water plays in our every day lives. With Viridis's support Geraldine delivered a presentation of the who, what, when where, why and how of water in our society, giving students a holistic view of our drinking water supply's. The workshop at the school was held in celebration of national science week, and a discussion around diversity in STEM was also a key focus of the presentation. After the presentation, the students donned their own engineering (hard) hats and had a hand at designing and building their own simple water filter. After drafting up their proposed design (in the for

Technical Paper Published

Tasleem Hasan, one of our senior consultants, has a technical paper published in the August 2017 edition of the AWA Current magazine - “Is the risk-based management plan going to work?” The paper discusses the ACE pillars needed for effective implementation of a risk management plan. It’s no good just having a plan, without implementing it. Viridis has extensive experience with risk management plans, from preparation, implementation, review, audits and associated (regulatory) reporting. Feel free to contact us and find out how we can make the plan work for you! Read the paper here.

Sizzling for the Guides

Our Director James Howey was busy this weekend at the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle cooking up snags to raise money for the Girls Guides. It was a hot couples of hours for James, cooking up 100s of sausages and resulting in a possible RSI from the constant sausage turning!! But it was all in a good cause for the Camp Hill Girl Guides .

Plan Review and Update

Drinking Water Quality Management Plans (DWQMPs) need to be regularly reviewed and kept up to date to ensure they are protective of public health. A plan can quickly become out of date and not relevant, if it is treated as a ‘report’. A review is an integral part of DWQMP implementation. It is not a quick 'tick-box' exercise, rather it should be a thorough assessment that considers all aspects of the plan. As part of the review process, Viridis assess water quality monitoring data, review the risk assessment monitoring plan, as well as incident management and operational practices. Once an audit has been undertaken, the review should consider the audit findings and amend the plan accordingly

Audits, Audits, Audits

2017 has seen a large number of Queensland small water service providers reach their audit anniversary date. For most this was their first experience of a regulatory water quality audit. Viridis has three very experiences Exemplar Global drinking water QMS lead auditors and has undertaken a number of these audits. It has been a test of logistics, as well as auditing skills. We have been all over the state of Queensland, Far North Queensland, the North West, the Downs and many places in between. These are regulatory audits and most, if not all, service providers would not have undertaken these audits without a requirement to do so. However, the experiences have been very positive. Most have s


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