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  • James Howey

Back to School: Students get an A for water filtration

Geraldine Terada-Bellis, our resident consulting engineer visited a local primary school to speak about the role water plays in our every day lives.

With Viridis's support Geraldine delivered a presentation of the who, what, when where, why and how of water in our society, giving students a holistic view of our drinking water supply's.

The workshop at the school was held in celebration of national science week, and a discussion around diversity in STEM was also a key focus of the presentation.

After the presentation, the students donned their own engineering (hard) hats and had a hand at designing and building their own simple water filter. After drafting up their proposed design (in the form of a schematic) they were able to explain their design and if accepted, move ahead to the building phase.

Geraldine was impressed by the critical thinking and well thought-out filter designs by the students.

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