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  • James Howey

Introducing Megan Richardson, Process Engineer

Hi I’m Megan Richardson and the newest member of Viridis Consultants.

I am a qualified chemical engineer with over four years’ experience working in process engineering. My previous roles have included working in power and sugar in northern NSW. I also had a brief stint in the UK where I worked as an environmental engineer performing water treatment design and project management in the remediation sector.

My process engineering background includes broad experience in water treatment equipment operation, maintenance and design.

I have done extensive works in investigation and optimisation and enjoy this part of my work not only because of the satisfaction I get solving a problem but also because I am passionate about sustainability. In minimising energy use and waste produced it leads to an overall increase in sustainability benefiting all parties.

Prior to studying engineering I completed a law degree and worked for three years in contract law. I love being able to apply my legal knowledge to my engineering work and have found it extremely useful not only in regulating legislative compliance but also in the administration of contracts.

I am so excited to work with Viridis Consultants where I can exercise not only my process engineering skills but my legal skills to ensure water quality and compliance is improved for our customers.

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