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  • James Howey

Plan Review and Update

Drinking Water Quality Management Plans (DWQMPs) need to be regularly reviewed and kept up to date to ensure they are protective of public health. A plan can quickly become out of date and not relevant, if it is treated as a ‘report’.

A review is an integral part of DWQMP implementation. It is not a quick 'tick-box' exercise, rather it should be a thorough assessment that considers all aspects of the plan. As part of the review process, Viridis assess water quality monitoring data, review the risk assessment monitoring plan, as well as incident management and operational practices. Once an audit has been undertaken, the review should consider the audit findings and amend the plan accordingly.

If you need help with the review and update of your DWQMP, or just want to chat about the review process, please contact us.

We will make the plan practical, simple and useable!

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