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  • James Howey

Proceed with confidence

No system, however well designed, can perform properly without correct operation. It is essential that water providers allow operators to perform at their best by providing clear and helpful operational procedures. Creation of procedures requires a balance between providing all necessary information and using a format that is practical for easy of use. While detail can be helpful, it can result in procedures rarely being used and thus being redundant.

Oftentimes operators are highly experienced with their process and thus unclear procedures do not present as an issue. This can result in the issue only being seen when new operators or procedures are being used. Formats such as checklists allow for operators to quickly and clearly be reminded of what is required. This also allows for documented records that procedures have been followed. As someone who has worked in operations, I have first-hand knowledge of how valuable a source of clear feedback can be when utilising less familiar procedures.

A cornerstone of a comprehensive management system is appropriate operating procedures. Without proper procedures management systems cannot be reliably implemented, thus compromising water safety. As such, Viridis has extensive experience in the development of operating procedures with the viewpoint of connecting management systems with operations. Viridis' experience includes chemical use and storage, mains maintenance, sanitation, WTP operation, water quality testing and many other aspects of drinking water operations. Plant visits and observation of operators allows consultants to gain a clear view of all actions that the procedures must reflect and make suggestions where appropriate.

The water treatment industry is not exempt from the digital era and as such, the use of electronic work orders is becoming increasingly common. As portable systems for receiving work orders become more practical it stands to reason that these should include digital copies of procedures matching the work orders. Viridis is excited to see how the integration of technology into operations impacts water quality management.

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