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  • James Howey

The Viridis of Oz and Water Aid

Earlier this month the Viridis team unleashed our wits and wisdom on our unsuspecting water industry comrades under the guise of the ‘Viridis of Oz’ at the WaterAid Trivia Night.

After much consideration on how to celebrate the silly season, we decided there could be no better way to celebrate the year that was than a good old-fashioned battle of the minds in honour of a fantastic cause.

And so the ‘A’ team brought our ‘A’ game as we descended on the Fox Hotel that fateful Friday afternoon, determined to show what we were made of and return triumphantly with the highly desirable Water Aid Trivia Trophy.

Two rounds in and we thought it was in the bag. While we weren’t quite in the number one spot, we were beating last years champions and that was all the boost we needed.

Debates over the capital city of Canada, who discovered Oxygen and what a puffin and a penguin have in common ensued.

By the end of the night, we were a few wrong answers smarter, and the proud owners of…the encouragement award prize – a roll of toilet paper. What a night!

It was a fitting prize. Last month I wrote about the very important topic of toilet paper!

Now, aside from the cheeky name of our new TP provider, I made mention of the wonderful work they are doing donating 50% of their profits to various non-for-profit organisations to build hygienic toilets facilities overseas. One such organisation is WaterAid, our Trivia Night hosts for the evening.

WaterAid was founded in 2004 with a mission to ‘transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene’.

The work that WaterAid does, goes far past ensuring access to sanitary lavatory facilities in developing countries. They work with local partners within these communities to educate and skill locals and service providers to ensure access to clean and sanitary water, long term.

By upskilling and influencing those within these communities aswell as building the necessary infrastructure, they ensure these benefits continue to prevail for generations to come.

Viridis are so pleased to be supporters of this fantastic organisation. Though we may not have won the trivia battle, as a whole, we all managed to be winners for WaterAid that evening.

Oh, and by the way, Ottawa, Joseph Priestley and Publishing Houses are the answers! … bet you said birds ;)

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