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  • James Howey

Conquering the Three Capes over Christmas

Over the festive season I had the opportunity to embark on the 4 day Three Capes Trail, located on the south eastern coast of Tasmania.

Despite some questionable fitness levels and weather including winds up to 40-50 km/hr, I have returned back to the office after completing the trail, having walked around 30,000 steps a day.

Highlights including staying at the beautiful cabins, with innovative designs which ensured water efficiency and minimised environmental foot prints around the sites.

The management of the national park was an awesome example of a holistic approach to managing human impact on the natural environment. This was through technical design and also educating the bush walkers. This was clearly demonstrated by the tracks being spotless, despite there being zero bins on the entire four 50+ km trail, including the cabins.

I hope to carry forward the awe of the natural beauty of our environment and commitment to the application of best practice with me throughout the year and apply these to project outcomes.

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