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  • James Howey

What can be an indicator for safe quality tap water?

Tap water versus bottled water – seems to come up every now and then! Why do some people choose bottled water? The answer varies but ‘lack of trust in the quality of tap water’ does get thrown around.

The customers need to feel secure and confident that the quality of water provided is safe. How can this be shown to customers?

Microbiological compliance is one of the ways utilities use to demonstrate safety of water. However, reliance on only end-product testing does have limitations. With the adoption and implementation of the risk-based management systems/plans, utilities now have more focussed process controls in place. An indicator around risk based management plans/system thus should be a good way forward to really demonstrate safe quality water is being supplied.

A good indicator would be Degree of drinking water management system/plan implementation (0-100).

This resembles one of the Sustainable Development Goal indicators on implementation of integrated water resources management at all levels. Feel free to share your thoughts on the indicator proposed

Contact us if you need assistance in reviewing/updating/auditing your drinking water management plan/system, or to find out the degree of implementation!

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