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  • James Howey

Hi from Stacey

I'm Stacey Edwards, the newest member of the Viridis Drinking Water team. I graduated from a Chemical and Environmental Engineering degree at UQ at the end of last year. During my studies I found a passion for all things water treatment and management. I've had the opportunity to explore this for the past year in a hands on role at a PFAS removal pilot plant. Getting to operate an innovative new water treatment system and see the potential impact of water management on public health inspired me to enter a career in water consulting.

I'm passionate about science and the environment so I love learning about new green solutions for modern issues. I've lived in Brisbane for most of my life, other than some time in England and Germany, and I'm also a passionate horse rider. Growing up in Queensland I've been fortunate spend a lot of time swimming on the Great Barrier Reef and hiking in rain forests which is where my interest in preserving our aquatic assets began.

I'm looking forward to working with the highly experienced and specialised team at Viridis to enter this new stage of my career as a consultant.

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