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  • James Howey

QLD Water Skills Forum March 2019

The QLD Water Directorate hosted the Technical Forum in March, which focussed on training in the water industry.

Operators are the most important resource for our industry, and are responsible for the health and well-being of the whole community and ensuring we have a trained workforce is imperative to ensuring safe drinking water.

The presentations were from a balanced mix of water utilities, trainers and researchers, providing a rounded perspective on the successes and challenges for the water industry workforce.

We heard about the benefits of the ‘Water Industry Worker’ program from Mackay Regional Council, and how this can provide flexibility for councils and operators in backfilling a position when an operator has taken leave or options for staff who have to temporarily relocate to another town for personal reasons.

Bundaberg Regional Council provided an indication of what a future water business employee will look like, reminding us that we all come from different backgrounds and with diverse skill sets.

Seqwater gave us ‘the day in the life of a trainee’ and discussed the successes and challenges of its extensive trainee program.

WaterRA and WaterQPlus presented the findings of the recent operator competency project, which investigated how other industries implement frameworks for training and competency.

TAFE QLD told us about a new training program, that is non-credited but is aimed at giving new workers in the industry or complementary workers an overview of water treatment, which is being trialled by a few organisations.

Lutra hosted a SCADA competition, using their SCADA training package. This was a lot of fun and obviously the best team won! Thanks to Jeff Rhodman from Bundaberg Regional Council for captaining the team.

The QLD Water Directorate delivered a great day, that was informative and fun.

These technical forums are a really great way to connect with colleagues from all across the state, catch up on news and share experiences.

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