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  • James Howey

Viridis Health and Safety Report 2018

No matter your line of work, the size of your workforce or the location of your place of business, Workplace Healthy and Safety (WH&S) is one factor that is paramount to the protection of your most valuable asset: your team.

Often times WH&S considerations can be put on the back burner, updates to WH&S policies can fall to the wayside and the seriousness of possible hazards can be taken too lightly.

And as whole, while the attention to vital WH&S policies and procedures continues to make leaps and bounds with every decade that passes, it is the day to day, month to month and year to year heedfulness within each individual business that keeps staff safe and reminds us to never become complacent.

Viridis Consultants takes the well-being of our staff and those affected by our operations very seriously and as part of our Workplace Health and Safety Policy we have a commitment to regularly review our policy and report outcomes.

In the year 2018, Viridis is please to report the following outcomes.

Incidents and Injuries

  • 0 incidents

  • 0 lost time injuries


In addition to our continued assurance in maintaining current Health and Safety standards, Viridis has:

  • Reviewed our Risk Assessment Procedures in regard to transport options provided to staff when 'on the road'

  • Reviewed our PPE requirements and procured additional equipment to ensure our staff are safe

  • Implemented our Journey Management System to ensure consistent contact is maintained with staff while travelling to remote locations

  • Health and Safety analysis of the Viridis workplace paying attention to 'slips, trips and falls' hazards and making changes to remove these hazards

  • Investigation into tag and testing requirements within the Viridis workplace

  • Updated Fire and Evacuation Plan published

  • Inspection of Fire Extinguishers to ensure all meet current safety guidelines

For additional information on Viridis Consultants' commitment to the Health and Safety of our valued staff, please see our Viridis Health and Safety Policy here.

When it comes to Health and Safety, many accidents within the workplace are so easily avoided with the right consideration to this very important element.

We thank each member of staff here at Viridis for their continued diligence in keeping Viridis a happy, healthy and safe space, every day and we take this opportunity to encourage you to start and keep this conversation going within your own team.

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