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  • James Howey

Fiver for a Farmer Day

A person would have to be living under a rock to be unaware of the devastating drought affecting Australian farmers at present. With heart-breaking stories coming forth and fund raising events being put into motion almost daily, we couldn't ignore these cataclysmic conditions if we tried! And with good reason too.

In 2011 Brisbane experianced the most disastrous floods we have endured since 1974. How ironic that the most devastating natural event that I personally, recall witnessing, would be caused by an inundation of water, as opposed to the scarcity of water, pushing farmers all over our sunburnt country into dire straits at present...

With thousands of residents across Queensland displaced by these catastrophic floods, I recall the sadness that befell our city as water levels rose washing away the hopes, dreams and livelihood of those just like me. I also recall the wonder I felt toward Mother Nature, the power that she holds over us humans, so insignificant against the forces we cannot control.

But, powerless as we were, it was from the depths of this despair that the most beautiful sentiment of human spirit persevered, as in the wake of this tragedy, the Mud Army assembled almost organically. They rolled up their sleeves, and came with wheel barrows, shovels and full hearts.

Today we are faced with the flip side of the coin. Here we are again, only this tale isn't set in our city. Our buses and trains are still crossing the river every 15 minutes, we're still sipping our morning cappuccino and we're still chowing down on that Bunnings snag on a Saturday. Meanwhile, out of sight, those who made sure you've got access to this produce, are doing it so very tough.

Whatever your stance on the farming industry, whatever dietary persuasion you run with or your opinion on where or how our farmers operate and what developments could to be made to improve on sustainability, the facts are these: They are in desperate trouble and they need our help.

And so again we roll up our sleeves - or as the case may be, we don a flanny and reach into our pockets - and we help our neighbour. Because our hearts are still full, and thats just what we do. Besides, who doesn't love an excuse to dress up!?

Donations to Fiver for Farmer can be made here.

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