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  • James Howey

Congratulations to the Viridis Team for Achieving ISO 9001 Certification

Recognised the world over, the Quality Management System ISO:9001 is one of the most applied management tools across the globe. The purpose of this international standard is to demonstrate universally, the level of corporate governance held by an organisation, in turn displaying the organisations level of competence, professionalism and the quality of which one can come to expect from the organisations products and services.

Earlier this month, the tables were turned for Viridis as the auditors became the auditees when we undertook our ISO:9001-2015 audit with SciQual International.

In preparation, a selection of our staff performed a number of internal audits on both our systems and processes and also our project management procedures. We then gathered as a team to review our findings as well as our suite of policies to ensure our systems were up to scratch. We are proud to report that when it came to the big day, we passed with flying colours! With not one non-conformance to speak of, our results show that we surely do walk the talk.

What does this mean for Viridis? This means we have systems in place to ensure we:

  • Meet all regulatory requirements for our products

  • Identify and assess risks and opportunities for our business

  • Accurately measure our performance by the quality of our product and our client satisfaction and

  • Flag opportunities for growth and improvement in real time.

What does this mean for our valued clients? This means you can rest assured that when you choose to work with Viridis, you are entering into an agreement with a company that is committed to:

  • Consistently producing work of the highest quality standard

  • The continuous improvement of our products and services

  • Ensuring that our staff are not only given, but are in understanding of, all the tools they need to do the job and

  • To maintaining an internationally certified level of service year in and year out as we engage in annual recertification.

As we celebrate our tenth year of service, we also celebrate this achievement. The crux of our success can easily be attributed to four simple words “our team truly care”. We care about the fundamental reason why we all do what we do and that is to ensure the health and safety of our population through the correct handling of our most precious environmental resource. It is this care that translates to the quality in all we do here at Viridis.

Thank you to our team for your valued contributions toward our ISO:9001-2015 certification, and thank you also, to our clients for being a part of it all.

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