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  • James Howey

Viridis and Local Buy

On 15th November, Hanne Rasmussen our Office Manager and Projects Administrator represented Viridis at the Local Buy Contract Induction Launch for Engineering and Environmental Consultancy Services, Contract BUS 262-0317.

What is Local Buy?

Local Buy is the procurement services company, implemented by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ). The purpose of which, is to develop overarching, pre-agreed contractual arrangements between a collective of councils / government entities and various suppliers for the purchase of a diverse range of goods and services without the need to seek tenders or quotes. This pre-approval in turn makes the purchase of goods and services quick, easy and more efficient.

As a Local Buy preferred supplier, Viridis has undergone government consideration and have been deemed successful in our application. We can be found under our Vendor Panel profile and are ready and able to propose our assistance for any Local Buy council requiring our services.

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