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  • James Howey

Risk Management Plan regulatory audit requirements 2017

The Victorian Department of Human and Health Services (DHHS) has released the guidance information for this cycle of Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 Risk Management Plan (RMP) regulatory audits.

This audit period commences 1 October 2017. Audit certificates must be submitted to DHHS by 31 May 2018.

The previous audit cycle commenced only a few months after the amendment of the Safe Drinking Water Regulation in 2015, therefore utilities had only been operating under the new requirements for a brief period of time. For this round of audits, it is the expectation of DHHS that the requirements of the regulations are fully addressed.

Key audit areas for this audit cycle include:

  • quantification of microbial hazards

  • critical control points & critical limits

  • water sampling program

  • water quality standards

  • distribution systems

  • emergency management

Viridis has three Exemplar Global accredited auditors, each with over 10 years experience in water management. We have the experience and qualifications to make sure the audit not only meets the regulatory requirements, but is a valuable continual improvement process for your organisation.

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