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27 Oct 2017

The operation and management of a drinking water supply system is one of the most important jobs in the world. While the ultimate responsibility and credit for running a safe water supply system belongs to the entire water team, operators play a crucial role.

But do the...

27 Oct 2017

Critical Control Points (CCP) are an important component of Drinking Water Quality Management Plans (DWQMP) as well Recycled Water Management Plans (RWMP). However, the concept was originally developed in the food industry and has been utilised in these water specific...

25 Oct 2017

No one looks forward to an audit. They are inevitable, but you can make sure you get additional value from the process, rather than just ticking a box for the regulator. It is not often you have the opportunity to take a critical look at how the risk management plan is...

Are you ready for this years reporting?

With the festive season right around the corner, things like holiday plans, present lists and Christmas lunch come to mind. However before the holidays roll around, Queensland Drinking Water Service Providers should be asking them...

4 Oct 2017

Turbidity Measurement

Turbidity is used a lot when talking about water quality and the performance of water treatment plants (WTP). But what is turbidity and what do the results mean?

Simply put turbidity is the amount of light scattered by water. Light passing through w...

4 Oct 2017

Tap water versus bottled water – seems to come up every now and then! Why do some people choose bottled water? The answer varies but ‘lack of trust in the quality of tap water’ does get thrown around.

The customers need to feel secure and confident that the quality of w...

4 Oct 2017

The Victorian Department of Human and Health Services (DHHS) has released the guidance information for this cycle of Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 Risk Management Plan (RMP) regulatory audits.

This audit period commences 1 October 2017. Audit certificates must be submitt...

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