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Crypto Advice: Sell Your Bitcoin, Protect Your Catchment

Microbial pathogens are the biggest public health threat faced by most drinking water supplies and one of the most important is Cryptosporidium. These parasites call humans and cattle home and are spread via faecal matter. While investing in this crypto can't make you a millionaire, it can prevent a Cryptosporidosis outbreak. Cryptosporidosis is a gastrointestinal illness that is caused by ingested Cryptosporidium parasites burrowing into the intestinal walls. Because of the risk presented by Cryptosporidium and the lack of a routine method for detecting them, a multi-barrier approach is essential. Much like the crypto buzz, Cryptosporidium just won't go away. These parasites are poorly tre

Water and Sunshine - AWA NQ Regional Conference

I had the opportunity to attend the AWA North Queensland Regional Conference this year, held in beautiful Townsville. The city put on a great show for the event, with a fantastic venue overlooking Magnetic Island and weather so good it was hard to believe it was still winter! The conference touched on a wide range of topics relevant to water operations in regional areas, particularly North Queensland. The keynotes covered topics including disaster management during the unprecedented rainfall event in Townsville this year (Wayne Preedy ESM), strategies and challenges in treating sewage for the great barrier reef (Rob Fearon and Ryan Cosgrove), fostering local talent for long-term results (Car

Improvement All the Way!

Improvement or continuous improvement is a key component (or requirement) of a management system/plan, for example, a drinking water quality management system, recycled water management system and an environment management system. The concept of continuous improvement is not a new one and we have all heard about it. When we develop a management plan, the assessment of the system may indicate that existing practices and control measures may not be adequate to achieve the objective/s. For example, an assessment of a drinking water supply may indicate that there are no documented operating procedures or that a treatment step is not working optimally. The assessment of the system is used as a ba

Chicago Water Supply

Is it nerdy to go and look at ‘water stuff’ when you’re on holiday? No, of course not, here’s what I have found out about Chicago’s water supply with some snaps. Chicago sits on Lake Michigan, and sources its drinking water from this, the second largest of the Great Lakes. A key feature are the cribs that are visible from the waterfront, which are the structures that house the offshore intakes. These circular stone structures protect intake vents that connect with brick-lined passageways buried 200 feet under Lake Michigan. Water is collected and transported through tunnels located beneath the lake. The tunnels lead from the water cribs to one of two water purification plants located onshore

Regional Inclusion: The Farmer and Madam Butterfly

Last month I made the trek out to the Darling Downs with my family to attend Opera at Jimbour, a biennial spectacular presented by Opera Queensland as part of the Queensland Music Festival and in partnership with Western Downs Regional Council. The festival, held on the historic Jimbour Homestead and attracting up to 8000 guests, is an experience to say the least. The grandeur of Jimbour house and the droves of music lovers, dressed to impress, sampling the finest of food and wine from the region, the divine vocals ringing out across the expansive rural landscape. It truly was a sight to behold and very nearly enough to detract from the harsh reality in my peripheral, the unmistakable drynes


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