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Turning green - the ultimate End Game!

Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you've been exposed in some way to the biggest event of the year. No I'm not talking about the election, and I'm not even talking about Game of Thrones (lets not talk about how that one ended!)... I'm talking about Avengers: End Game. The ultimate culmination of super heroes from all walks of life, banding together to save the world from Thanos, the self appointed lord of equilibrium, come to rectify the planet by basically killing half the worlds population. I have to admit that a part of what Thanos stands for does actually make some kind of sense, in a very warped and sadistic way he wants to save ourselves from ourselves. But we can't just

Colour me surprised!

Colour is an often misunderstood water quality parameter. Colour is present in most surface and ground water sources. While colour can be the result of dissolved or suspended contaminants, colour in surface water is generally caused by dissolved organic matter. In managing quality of drinking water supplies, management of colour is a key measure to ensure control of disinfection by-products (DBPs). Colour can be measured as either true colour or apparent colour. Apparent colour is the colour of a water sample containing both dissolved and suspended contaminants and is appropriate for aesthetic purposes. For treatment applications, analysis of true colour is more appropriate, as apparent colo

Business process mapping to make your life easier

Quality management systems are a part of our daily life, especially in the water and environmental management industry. We operate under Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Water Quality management Plans, Site Based Management Plan, Asset Management Plans, Workplace, Health and Safety Management Plans or an integrated management system. Many of these systems need to be externally approved or audited and there is a requirement to adhere to the system to maintain approval or accreditation. There is a huge effort in establishing these systems, and once they are completed, it cannot be a case of set and forget. There is significant value in reviewing and refining management systems to make


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