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The Campylobacter factor (why I didn't eat my birthday cake)

Last year I was unlucky enough to contract Campylobacteriosis two days before my birthday, meaning I had to spend a few nights in hospital and take 10 days off work sick. While I will spare you the gory details, it suffices to say that I wouldn't wish this infection on my worst enemy, and was extremely painful despite my access to world-class healthcare and medications. Campylobacter is a genus of bacterium, which is known as one of the main causes of food-borne gastroenteritis in developed nations. Gastroenteritis is characterised by abdominal discomfort, diarrhoea, vomiting and fevers. As you may have guessed, the infection caused by Camplyobacter in the body is referred to as Campylobacte

Environmental Management: Compliance with Benefits

Environmental management is often something that is only considered at the last minute or sometimes, not at all. In our experience this can all too often lead to a compliance heartache or delays and budget blowouts. Having a systematic approach to identifying environmental regulatory requirements and efficiently undertaking them is the minimum expectation of most organisations. Of course this can be taken further to a full environmental management system (EMS) with the aim of minimising environmental impacts, which can be accredited to ISO 14001 demonstrating commitment to stakeholders. Viridis has recently undertaken an environmental risk assessment for a client, who has decided to develop

To trust the test, or not to trust the test: that is the question

Many water providers have set up or are considering setting up the ability to undertake microbiological testing in-house (e.g. for total coliforms and E. coli). Regulatory requirements specify frequent microbiological testing of every water supply. Due to logistical challenges and subsequent issues with sample holding times (especially in regional and remote areas), an in-house solution is at times a necessity. However, for the test results to be deemed suitable for making decisions, there must be demonstrable rigour in the processes of sampling, testing and data management. Data obtained from tests are often used for making decisions. These decisions could be: of financial significance used


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