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Does the Remoteness or Size of a Utility affect its ability to Provide Safe Drinking Water? - Presen

This year Viridis had the opportunity to present a poster on the barriers regional and/or remote water service providers (WSPs) may face in implementing their drinking water quality management plans (DWQMPs) at Ozwater 2018, the Australian Water Associations Annual International Water Conference ( Method The degree of implementation of DWQMPs was tallied using anonymised regulatory audit data from Queensland WSPs Viridis audited. Permission was sought from WSPs before data was analysis. Audit grades of compliant, minor non-compliance and major non-compliance are attributed to 11 distinct elements per the Queensland DWQMP regulatory audit guidelines. Non-compliant grades are g

Thinking of reviewing your DWQMP?

Why do we need to review it anyway? A DWQMP can quickly become out of date and not relevant therefore it may not be doing what it was intended to do i.e. risk management for public health. Hence regular reviews are recommended. The review does not only include updates to names and contact details. It should consider all aspects of the DWQMP to ensure that they are still accurate, current and relevant. The review process should also determine and identify any changes and/or improvements required. What should we look at during a review? Look at relevant guidelines by the regulator for guidance, if available. Refer to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG). The ADWG recommends that the

Viridis welcomes Glen Luscombe

For some time now, Viridis has been seeking to enhance our service offering by adding a Water and Wastewater Process Engineer to our team. Our vision, to provide a one stop shop for process optimisation, assisting our clients, not just with their Water Management Plans and Audits, but also to provide our assistance in implementing solutions to maximise treatment outcomes with existing infrastructure. Glen is an experienced mechanical engineer and project manager with a decade of experience in leading high quality solutions for a diverse range of problems, including leading design, construction and commissioning projects in water treatment and commercial construction, as well as high volume a

PFAS Update

Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are often regarded an ‘emerging issue’ for water utilities and operators, however with the recent detections across the country in drinking water, ground water, the environment, food products and even livestock, the issue has well and truly ‘emerged’. PFAS is in the news daily, and for communities with detections in their water supplies, or close to water sources, it can lead to loss of confidence in the safety of drinking water and fear of unknown impacts. For the water industry, our goal is to supply safe drinking water, and we must accept that this is an issue that is not going away and must be addressed. What's the latest? A very quick google

Smiling For Smiddy

Viridis was pleased to sponsor James Howey today to do the Noosa Triathlon for Smiling for Smiddy . About Smiling for Smiddy Adam Smiddy never had an enemy in the world. His disarming smile, one that rarely left his face even amid the gravest of circumstances, gave his family and friends a window into the soul of a gentle, kind-hearted and unassuming boy from Home Hill. In 2006, Adam passed away from an aggressive melanoma. He was just 26 years old, a talented triathlete and respected physiotherapist with the world at his feet. Six months earlier, Adam had discovered a small lump in his groin, and a biopsy revealed it was a malignant melanoma. He had immediate surgery to remove the lump an


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