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Water Quality and International Sporting Events: How to win a gold medal?

With the Commonwealth Games right on our doorstep, and the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics having just finished up, international sporting events have had a big presence so far in 2018. Being a Brisbane local, I saw exactly how much funding and preparation must go into preparing for events such as these. Though we are all made aware of how much these events cost, seeing the infrastructure put in place, transport networks prepped and experiencing the awareness campaigns have given me a whole new perspective of the immense amount of organisation required. One detail about these events has always stood out to me above the rest: the water quality issues which are reported during the lead up and duri

Earth Day 2018

On Sunday 22nd April 2018, the world observed Earth Day, a global day of environmental awareness, founded in the United States of America in 1970. At a time where people from all walks of life were using their voices and fighting for freedom and equality from marginalisation and the ravages of the Vietnam war; Industry was chugging along with little to no regard for the environment. Upon witnessing a devastating oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, then Wisconsin US Senator Gaylord Nelson was inspired to raise awareness about the effects of water and air pollution, by suggesting a national day of environmental observation. As the tumultuous social climate of the time continued in full swi

Commonwealth Games

When it was announced that the Gold Coast was hosting the Commonwealth Games, I made the decision to apply to volunteer and be a part of the Games. I had been in Beijing when the Olympic Games were on in 2008 and there was such a great atmosphere and energy to the city, and we felt so welcomed and I wanted to do that for the GC. I live very close to the Aquatic Centre, and was lucky enough to be offered a team leader role there, in the Spectator Services Team. We were the people welcoming spectators to the Games, checking tickets, finding seats and arranging access to the stands for the swimming and diving. I had shifts in the accessible access area on the last two nights of swimming. The ev

Water and Wastewater Process Engineer

Viridis has an exciting opportunity available for an experienced water and wastewater process engineer. For more details and to apply check out the job post on Seek.


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