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Viridis Turns 10 Years Old

It was back in January 2008 that an environmental consultancy called Viridis Consultants was born. The brainchild of Scott Dale and myself. We spent many hours debating names for the company, eventually landing Viridis, which is Latin for green. Being an environmental consultancy this was entirely appropriate. However, soon after establishing ourselves we very quickly established a niche in water management. In hindsight a better name may have been Caeruleus Consultants. There have been many changes over the years, we've moved to various location from bedrooms to Newstead, the City, Morningside and now Murarrie (and back to bedrooms, some consultants now working from home). However, as we se

Viridis to Present at Ozwater18

Yes, it’s back in Brisbane – Ozwater18, which is AWA’s premier event on the water calendar. A large number of professionals from the water industry and other related industries attend the ozwater event. And yes, Viridis will be there as well! Our staff, Tasleem Hasan and Geraldine Terada-Bellis, have been selected to present at this big water event. They will be presenting on some very interesting aspects on drinking water quality management, in partnership with some of our regional clients. We look forward to meeting you all at Ozwater, 8-10 May 2018. More details on ozwater can be viewed here.

Viridis and the Environment

Climate change, Greenhouse gases, our Carbon Footprint; they are terms that we are all only too familiar with. As our summers get hotter and our population continues to increase, so too do the expectations we put on our environment to sustain our way of life and we at Viridis, take this very seriously. The Australian government has set a target of reducing emissions to 5 per cent below the levels reached in the year 2000 by 2020. But with emissions this time last year, a record high at 550.3 Mt CO2 e (metric tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent), we are a long way off. Did you know that the average new car emits 120.1 grams of CO2 for every kilometre it is driven? How many kilometres do you driv

Conquering the Three Capes over Christmas

Over the festive season I had the opportunity to embark on the 4 day Three Capes Trail, located on the south eastern coast of Tasmania. Despite some questionable fitness levels and weather including winds up to 40-50 km/hr, I have returned back to the office after completing the trail, having walked around 30,000 steps a day. Highlights including staying at the beautiful cabins, with innovative designs which ensured water efficiency and minimised environmental foot prints around the sites. The management of the national park was an awesome example of a holistic approach to managing human impact on the natural environment. This was through technical design and also educating the bush walkers


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