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What is monitoring?

In the context of water quality management, monitoring is a generic term given to the sampling and subsequent analysis and recording of water quality parameters. Sampling is typically undertaken via grab sampling or via an online instrument (composite samples are not often used in drinking water monitoring). The time, place, location and parameters sampled all depend on the context of the monitoring, and what information is required about a drinking water system to confirm the efficacy of water treatment and preventative measures, and thus the safety of the water for the community to consume. Why Monitor? Human beings are only able to discern the quality of water based on aesthetic character

Viridis and Local Buy

On 15th November, Hanne Rasmussen our Office Manager and Projects Administrator represented Viridis at the Local Buy Contract Induction Launch for Engineering and Environmental Consultancy Services, Contract BUS 262-0317. What is Local Buy? Local Buy is the procurement services company, implemented by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ). The purpose of which, is to develop overarching, pre-agreed contractual arrangements between a collective of councils / government entities and various suppliers for the purchase of a diverse range of goods and services without the need to seek tenders or quotes. This pre-approval in turn makes the purchase of goods and services quick, easy

James' triathlon for a cause...

On the 5th November, our very own James Howey, Viridis’ Director / Iron Man extraordinaire donned his Zoot Suit for the 2017 Noosa Triathlon. James swam, cycled and ran a course of 51.5km over 2 hours and 48 minutes. Next year James will compete once more, raising money for cancer research, a cause very close to his heart. Should you wish to sponsor James and have a hand in beating cancer, click here to be taken to his fundraiser page!

Think there’s a lot? Think again!

About 70% of Earth is covered in water, but 97.5% of that is salty ocean water and saline lakes/groundwater, hence not suitable for drinking. This leaves only 2.5% as freshwater. A huge portion of this freshwater is locked up in ice, with most of the remaining freshwater found below our feet as groundwater. Surface and other freshwater make up a very small fraction of total freshwater. See the Figure below. The top 5 countries in terms of annual renewable water resources include Brazil, Russia, Unites States, Canada and China (source). Brazil’s annual renewal water resources is 8,223 km3/year compared to Australia’s 336 km3/year. One-third of the world's population lives in water-stressed co


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