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Chief Health Officer

COVID-19 has increased the challenges that organisations face in delivering services, employing staff and maintaining regulatory compliance in an ever-changing environment. In response to these challenges our Chief Health Officer, Mellissa Naidoo, is pleased to be able to offer clients expert strategic medical advice to enable organisations to make the health and safety of staff and customers a priority, reducing risk and uncertainty.


Our medical services will be delivered by Dr Mellissa Naidoo, a nationally recognised medical administrator with 14 years of experience in managing medical services in public and private hospitals, as well as providing strategic medical advice to corporates and boards. 

To assist organisations that need strategic medical advice we are able to offer the services of CHO. These services include the following:

  • Strategic Medical Advice

    • Clinical governance

    • Corporate governance

    • Assurance

    • Project management

  • Risk Management

    • Public health

    • Innovation & technology

    • Change management and strategic management

    • Crisis response & gap analysis

    • Leadership development

On an operational level, this may help your organisation:

  • Plan and implement a COVID safe workplace

  • Develop a vaccination strategy

  • Provide advice for the engagement with regulators

  • Develop a health a well-being program

  • Consider the mental health of staff

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If you'd like to know have Viridis can help you stay at the forefront of health-related matters, get in touch

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